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How to Clean Gold Jewelry?

Even though gold is world renown for its endurance and luxury, there will inevitably come a time where gold jewelry no longer holds its primary lushes shine from that first day it entered your home.

Commonly, care and cleaning gold jewelry are not the first thoughts that pop up in our minds when buying a new jewelry piece, but there will always come a time where tender love and care is necessary and only done through a good cleansing.

If you do not happen to descend from a family of jewelers and do not own the professional utilities to clean your precious golds in your back office, Malka always has your back with the perfect formula on how to clean gold jewelry at home.

Of course the frequency to clean your gold jewelry is highly dependent on how often you wear your jewelry and partially on your luck of the day. For pieces that are worn daily, such as Malka’s Princess Sapphire Ring or Rectangle Chain Bracelet it is best to clean these at least once a month for an everlasting polish.

It is necessary to have a jewelry cleaning solution for cleaning gold jewelry. For authentic gold, a variety of household solution products can range from a mild dish soap solution, to baking soda and water, white vinegar and even bubbled water.

The last two must-haves are a soft bristled brush- preferably a used soft toothbrush and a polishing cloth or a soft cloth for after the jewelry solution cleaning bath. It is important that the cloth used prior to air drying your jewelry is dry or at least moderately dry.

So how do we actually clean gold jewelry at home? Begin by preparing a lukewarm bowl of dish soap solution. The proportions are not so relevant but you can use a teaspoon of dish soap for a half a cup of lukewarm water. Let your gold jewelry soak for 15 minutes to a half an hour.

Note that it is important  not to over clutter the bowl with too many jewelry pieces, in order to make sure that every surface gets the opportunity to interact with your jewelry cleaning solution and has a better chance at being cleansed properly.

Once soaking time is up, empty out your jewelry from the bowl and gently scrub each gold jewelry piece individually with a soft bristle toothbrush (the softer the better to avoid any scratches), paying deep attention to where dirt may be hiding.

Afterwards, run every piece under lukewarm water to allow for any remaining dirt that was loosened by your brushing to be washed away. Here again it is important to note that if you are rinsing your precious golds on top of a sink, plug it or use a strainer so as not to lose anything down the drain.

Finally, pat dry each gold jewelry piece with attentive care as to avoid any water marks, and leave it to air dry for as long as it needs until it is perfectly dry. This step is very important because wearing wet jewlery can trap moisture against your skin, and we want to avoid any possible skin irritation.