How to curate a statement ring stack

When it comes to personalizing your curated look, jewelry stacking has become the perfect way to do so.

Stacking and layering your precious bijouterie allows you to tell your own story through your jewelry and create your own personal statement look. It’s an addictive pleasure that is both fun and fashion-forward, it’s become the new trend obsession!  Mark every important moment of your life by adding pieces to your stack, you can remember the meaningful times by wearing them.

Whenever you’re going to pursue any stacking trend, you’ll always want to leave a part of your hands or wrists naked, to help emphasize your amazing alluring display. The real secret to stacking is being able to wear the same rings over and over again without anyone ever noticing. So you’ll always want to blend different styles and looks, combining both light and bold pieces to complete your look.

Layering and stacking necklaces can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it it’ll become impossible to wear a lone every-day necklace again. You’ll commonly notice most people like to combine delicate and graceful necklaces of different lengths, usually parted by a few centimeters. This will be the necklace stacking ‘all time classic’.  The new jewelry stacking trend is to mingle chokers with bolder and chunkier statement necklaces for a modern empowered experience!

Out with the old, in with the new, cheers to thriving stackables.