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How To Stack Earrings to Create The Perfect Curated Look?

When it comes to personalizing your curated ear look, jewelry stacking has become the perfect way to do so. Stacking and layering your precious jewelry allows you to tell your own story through your jewelry and produces your own personal statement look.

Curating your ears is an addictive pleasure that is both fun and fashion-forward, it’s even become the new trend obsession! By marking every important moment of your life by adding pieces to your stack, you can remember the meaningful times by wearing them.

There are several paths you can take on how to stack earrings, for your ears to look balanced and attractive, avoiding the random collage look of your favorite jewelry pieces. Before discussing the perfect pieces for your ears, there are several general rules everyone can follow.

When we think of stacked ear piercings the first rule to consider is mixing different styles and textures, to create a sense of abundance. The array of difference displayed on your curated ear automatically attracts the eye. Then the key evolves into choosing the exact jewelry pieces to create the perfect appeal.

For example, for earring stack ideas, styling huggies next to dangling earrings creates the perfect contrast to get that alluring appeal. Likewise, combining hoop earrings with studs is another way to keep the mind curious, wanting a closer look at your beautifully curated ear.

You can create various looks with these rules in mind, stacking ear piercings with these patterns will cause a sensation of everlasting interest. The best part of curating your pierced ears, is that you can add as many earrings as you want without it ever looking overwhelming. Say adieu to earrings getting left behind, every piece gets to be a part of the show now!

Another important part to consider, for determining the right jewelry for stacked ear piercings and stacked earlobe piercings, is that choosing the right piece is highly dependent on the shape of your ear. For larger earlobes it’s best to adorn your curated ear with a two hole earring, or a jewelry piece that can embrace the entirety of your earlobe.

For smaller ears, it’s best to stick with elementary studs and chic huggies to adorn the silhouette of your ear. Although a crucial rule to live by, regardless of your ears shape is our 30-70 rule. Keep 30 percent of stacked earrings wild and loud while 70 percent rest silent, shining effortlessly. Sometimes staying away from “too much” is the perfect ‘much’ we all search for.

Choosing meaningful pieces is also very important. As with any project, when putting your full energy into it, there is a majestic allure that appears. Suddenly your curated ear becomes an art piece carefully designed. Something no pattern can buy.

However, if still you are forever in doubt of what jewelry pieces belong where, follow our degrade layering technique. Bigger, larger, bulkier and longer pieces always get placed on the bottom of the earlobe and as you climb the silhouette of your ear the earrings get smaller in size. It’s a simple yet remarkable technique that removes the overwhelmed ear stacking sensation.

The real secret of jewelry stacking is being able to wear the same earrings over and over again without anyone ever noticing. So you’ll always want to blend different styles, combining both light and bold pieces to complete your look. Upkeeping your jewelry will be more important than ever and here you can learn all about it.

Layering and stacking earrings may seem to be tricky, but once you get the hang of it it’ll become impossible to wear a lone every-day earring piece again. Out with the old, in with the new, cheers to thriving stackables.