Jewelry as your second skin

Living in 2022 is as lively and exciting as ever. The new year has just passed and we are ready to take on the world, but something inside is still back in 2020, hiding under a pile of blankets and pillows.

Since the life changing epidemic, we all became inspired by nature and have embraced the natural look, shifting to a global desire towards looking the part without trying too hard. The magical thing about Jewelry is that no matter how much you stack or layer it never seems too much, the only issue is that sleeping with ten necklaces around your neck can become a bit tricky.

Of course you have nothing to worry about as usual because Malka planned for that concern for you in advance, and came up with the perfect new look: Jewelry as your second skin. We all have those few creations we’ve become inseparable with, those addictive jewelry pieces we just can’t seem to take off, not for a shower and especially not for bedtime. These fine pieces have really become a part of who we are, a part of our history, statements we carry on our skin, our second skin.

The delicate and elegant Malka creations are especially crafted for beauty and comfort. Each piece is accented with care and diligence to make sure it embellishes your outfit without you feeling its weight on your skin. There is something so soothing and impressive, powerful and redefining to connect one’s ornaments with the soft feel of nature, carrying special jewels that are hand-made with Earth’s gold and gemstones.