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Tips for Mixing Jewelry: Does Silver and Gold Go Together?

The infamous question all jewelry lovers debate at one point or another, is whether or not you can mix silver and gold jewelry. In the past this question may have been ridiculed, but today we are in 2023, and the world is rejuvenated and thriving. So, is mixing gold and silver a crime? Or does it fall under the ‘more the merrier’ category?

The obvious answer is the latter. Today everything goes, and is even accepted and welcomed. The world has reached its pinnacle in which everyone can share a wealth of information with one another. This includes sharing the love we have towards our luxurious metals. The more time spent on observing, the clearer it becomes that love for ttreca jewelry is not dependent on the material but rather the design and meaning to you.

Famous stars and actors share this principle, and either wear one grand piece or cape themselves in glorious jewelry pieces of different metals. So what is the secret for mixing your silver and gold jewelry together? Choose what you love and flaunt it, because fashion is an ever changing world.

Jewelry is precious in the sense that it is unique to you and it is a flawless way to express yourself and your style. If you simply adore everything and need tips for mixing your silver and gold jewelry together, Malka has got you covered.

Here are a few techniques you can use to ease the overall appearance and flow of wearing gold and silver together. The first and easiest method is to include a combined metals jewelry piece in your ensemble. It’s great because it allows you to wear either gold or silver anywhere else on your body, tied together by that one piece.

A similar trick is to include a watch in your outfit, because they are impartial and easy to overlook, like the metal of a wedding band. If jewelry is the so-called ‘main event’ of your outfit style, then this impartial accessory is the perfect missing link to mixing silver and gold jewelry without contributing too much effort.

The next technique is a personal favorite: layering and stacking jewelry. This method does not pertain to events based in a traditional setting, because mixing metals in the same body area can be a bit more tricky to accomplish without setting off unnoticeable stares.

Layering and stacking jewelry of all kinds is the newest fashion trend. And using this trend  to mix gold and silver jewelry together turns out to be a delightful advantage. Blake Lively is a keen example for mixing her favorite gold and silver rings together. Rather than conveying an overwhelming feeling, the sensation is coquette and chic.

A last factor to consider is that the body has many jewelry zones (neck, wrist, hand, ear ect.), so another way to mix gold and silver is to separate the two metals by body zone. In conclusion, can you mix silver and gold jewelry? The answer is yes please, unless your traditional elder neighbor is lurking around.