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What Color Jewelry Goes With A Green Dress? Our Tips.

It's hard enough as it is to find the perfect dress, that once you get to the jewelry pairing part, giving up seems like the only option left. That's why we're going to go over the different jewelry you can pair with your dress. Since green dresses are the quintessential dress color, whether it is lime green or dark emerald, we will cover all the options for what color jewelry goes with green dresses. 

Of course, there are different elements that should be considered when choosing jewelry for your green dress. The tone and material of the dress are highly important, but these usually go hand in hand. The shade of your skin is also essential because different tones match different colors: gold, white gold or pearls, especially when it comes to such a vibrant color dress.

Because green is truly a versatile color, it can always be paired with colorful jewelry. That includes the infinite assortment of natural gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, black diamonds, white diamonds and emeralds.. the list goes on. Again, what color jewelry goes with green dresses will especially depend on the tone of your dress.

We will begin with lighter greens, those that spark more of an internal light and exciting vibe. Although before continuing further it is super important to also think whether you want your jewelry to compliment your robe in a subtle way, or if you want your gorgeous jewelry piece to be the center of attention.

So if you would want whatever jewelry you choose, to blend into your magnificent green dress, and not divert the attention away from it towards your jewelry, then small and simple is key. For example, delicate earrings or thin radiant necklaces. As long as it is not grand because size is usually the biggest attraction when it comes to the human eye. Colorful and big will always steal the attention of many.



Taking all of this into account, for lighter green dresses, red rubies are easily the way to go. Any undertone of red, so which will include rose gold jewelry and other colorful assortments, is truly what will bring out your light green or lime green dress. The two colors, or the undertone of colors, truly complement one another and bring out the best of each other’s qualities.

My personal favorite shade of green is dark emerald. That is why for the darker green dresses, I am going to talk about what color jewelry to wear with emerald green dresses. Emerald green dresses are so iconic and imprint such a sensual warm feeling. Especially if the dress is made out of velvet.

For a simply elegant addition, gold and white gold will always do the trick. An example of flattering jewelry would be bangles and earrings, those two are perfect to wear with your green dress. But to create a more powerful and sensational emotion unto your crowd, a stunning white or yellow gold diamond necklace is what could change your entire outfit. Particularly if that diamond is grand in size, you will surely capture an audience.