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The art of curating your ear piercings

The curated ear is slowly making its mark in the fashion world, turning what was once purely traditional into a powerful beauty statement.

 The art of curating the ear goes beyond matching an outfit with slick jewelry, but rather to add a personal touch and to express confidence. The newest affluent piercing trend will be an unexpected gift for those who have an abundance of mismatched earrings: the asymmetrical earring style, and it’s become more popular than ever!

For the past few years, piercings such as conch, helix, and tragus are gradually becoming the preferred look, and since then the curated ear era has developed into something splendid. Each ear holds its own charm, and both sides of your face are now unique in their own glamorous way.  Piercings that veer away from the classic symmetrical look are fun and exciting, and there is no ‘one rule’ to follow that will perfect the technique. This new trend is playful, bold and personal and we have just the right tips on how to master your seamless asymmetric curated look.

Since there are no real rules here, the best way to begin is to start with a mirror and all your most loved jewelry pieces that you can have fun with. Start slowly without any set plan, and begin decorating your ears one piercing at a time. Since the asymmetric look is more personal, play around with what you have until it feels right, and matches your style. The absolute best part of this new trend look is that you now have a perfectly valid reason to buy a whole new bunch of earrings, without needing a matching pair,  you’d be getting two new looks for the price of one!